About Coach Brad

I’m a veteran pastor who knows the unique adventures and struggles pastors, leaders and Christians in general face. The mountain tops and valleys that come in life affect our families in numerous ways including transitional times, working through hurtful situations and even losing sight of what matters most amid the crazy schedule. I’m available to help pastors, leaders and anyone desiring to grow fearlessly set goals, move forward courageously and ultimately restore hope as God leads the way with them and their families. Let’s walk this journey together with Him.

I am currently serving as the Associate Pastor of Youth and Worship at the Shippensburg First Church of God in PA. Inbrad cropped 2019, I became a Human Behavior Consultant allowing me to provide half-day and full-day workshops to those working together in businesses, schools and in the community to talk about team building, conflict resolution and more – helping groups work more effectively together. I began my coaching journey in 2012 after a 2-day training seminar and enjoyed it so much I decided to get certified to start my own business. I am an alumni of Christian Coach Institute and have earned my Certified Professional Life Coach certification. I believe I have found my niche in being a Professional Christian Life Coach. I have coached people locally, nationally and internationally.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Educational Ministries from Huntington University in Indiana and also studied music at Millersville University. In the past 20+ years, I have served in various forms of ministry including youth, worship and children. My wife and I have three children and reside close to my hometown. In my spare time, I enjoy outdoor activities, sports and music.